Introducing the Old World

Greetings traveller!

If you have stumbled across this site, you are most probably a person with a new found, or long standing, interest in Warhammer Fantasy. I intend this to be a good place to start with an exploration of what is commonly called the ‘fluff’ of the Warhammer universe. I begin this in an attempt to bring a PC in my gaming group up to speed, but I also think that it is good to have this kind of resource around more generally.

In the blog there will be posts about the races/nations of Warhammer Fantasy (WHF), about geography, concepts and history. We will start with a short discussion of the idea of WHF and go from there.

Hopefully by the end of my resources, tether or procrastination, any reader will have a good grasp of the Old World, something I have gained through years of being a nerd, playing Warhammer Fantasy battles, reading Black Library novels and hanging with the red shirts in GW stores.

Have a seat traveller, help yourself to a cup of Bugman’s, and enjoy your stay!



3 thoughts on “Introducing the Old World

  1. sckma says:

    lol at either jamel or anybody else!

  2. najjini says:

    wait idun came here bcos of WF.. sesame brought me here, It is said that sesame is originated frm the Old World. Now, i wonder is the Old World is just a fantasy?

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